Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A few final stops

The team had a few final stops before heading to the airport.

One of their sponsoring groups made some beautiful quilts.. every one a masterpiece, and every one as individual as the kids that will sleep under them. The quilts were given to the Dayspring house for the children coming there. This will be such a blessing for them. There is a belief here that hand made quilts carry the love of the person that made them, and as such are able to bring warmth and love to the person who sleepså under them. I know of one quilt that we brought several years ago that continues to make the rounds when people are sick or feeling sad.

Talant was in Kazakhstan, but made a quick trip home so he could say good bye to the team, and bring them some Kyrgyz gifts.

Sunday was the overlap day, David and Jayne arrived in the morning .

It was great to get together with them on the teams last night.

Then it was home to pack and get ready for the 1:30 am airport run... Tokmok will never be the same, and neither will the team... It was an honour for us to be part of it.

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