Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A day in English

Saturday was a fun day for the team. Every year the English school in Bishkek that many of the NGO's kids attends, puts on a musical . This year it was Annie.. To support the many kids we know there, and for a special outing for the families that support our work here, we like to take them to the concert, then out for supper.. this time we had 23 of us .
Many of the kids in the school , English is a second or third language, so it is fun to here them pour their heart and sole into an English production... they did an incredible job.
After the show, we went out for supper at Daves in Bishkek. We met up with Jengish and Christy there as well, so we were able to do a little planing for the days ahead. Dave is the man that when we went to him to ask him for a special price for the Christmas Celebration for one of the orphanages, he quickly responded by saying that he would do it for free... Not only that , he was so blessed that he decided to repeat the event 4 times a year... This is the type of social responsibility that we are trying to develop here, so in turn, this is one place that will be on the agenda to eat at when ever we have teams in town.

The Stirling team made a point of having Isar bring his family for the day.. they like every one else who has been here fell in love with Isar, and wanted to bless he and his family.

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