Thursday, March 31, 2011

Putting down roots

This morning after Julie and Bekah returned from teaching, we went over to Aigoola's and picked them up to go to Dayspring and the Bazaar. Beksolten spent the day turning over the garden and getting it ready to plant... then we even got the fruit trees in... apple, cherry, pear, peach, and apricot... or at least that is what we were told they were.hahaha.. I guess we will know for sure in a few years, but surprisingly enough when we got back to the house, Beksultan could tell us which was which from the scrawny little trunk on them... I was impressed how he seemed to know what he was doing... he is really starting to take responsibility now that Turat is away.. I think this is good for him in many ways, and hard in others .. he spent yesterday out fertilizing the fields.. that is good, but a couple days ago he was sitting at our door when we got home.. it was late, and he seemed distressed.. finally he came out and shared that they needed to pay back a winter loan that they had, and did not have the money... His mom had made him come to ask if we could extend the loan for her... so hard for a young boy... The amount was $100... Fortunately I had a big order for them of the mattresses and blankets , as well as a bunch of souvenir stuff to send with Olga, so we were able to provide he enough work to earn the $100. Today Aigoola started on the curtains for the kids rooms at Dayspring... that is always an adventure picking out material, as well we had to buy 8 pillows and enough material for sheets for the beds, covers for the blankets, and pillow cases, I tried my best to help, but Aigoola ended up shaking her fist at me more then once...hahaha.. the Rush is on to get everything done before the grand opening in just over a week... Tomorrow we will start putting down the patio stones... I was told they would take 10 days to make.. when I said I would have to go elsewhere because I needed them by Friday, I was told OK they would have them by then... my guess is that they are just telling me what I want to here , but will deliver them in 10 days... we will see... Picked up ALL the school supplies for the orphanage today .. I went to get the cart guy I always use, he was not doing well at all.. he has lost a lot of weight , and looks awful.. he said he has just had an operation, but could not afford to take any time off work.. I called Acel and she asked him what he needed , he said that he needed meds, but was trying to get the courage to ask me... I gave him a bit to get him started ... or drunk, one or the other .hahaha but I will have to go back with a translator to see what we can do... I first met them a few years ago, his boys were not in school, and where working in the bazaar to help with money.. I made a deal with him that I would always use he or his kids and pay VERY well IF he made sure his kids stayed in school and only worked after school and weekends... There is a saying " Where your treasure is so your heart will be also" ... I have chosen to invest in a small way in this family... now my heart goes out to them...

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