Thursday, March 17, 2011

I miss my Jonah.... speeking of Jonah

The kids had a great time at the Day spring house tonight. We brought all the kids from Emma's orphanage there for dinner and a movie. Teresa brought some alfrado sauce with her and we picked up a bunch of cakes and pop.. then to top it off , Logan brought popcorn.
We met in the multi purpose room, it was great to see the house full of kids enjoying themselves.. The after supper, the kids got up and sang for us .
One of the little boys even sang for us ..IN ENGLISH.. or so they tell me... listen to this for yourself... isn't he cute..
After supper we took them all upstairs for a movie... Veggie tails Jonah... in Russian
We had Aigoola and the kids there to help us cook and wash up, and enjoy the day with us.. She and Teresa hit it off so well...

Tomorrow we are off to the lost city to give out Samaritan purse boxes and then to the invalid home tomorrow night where Darren will sing for them , and we will bring them a hot snack. Stay tuned .

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