Saturday, March 26, 2011

Crayola.. your the best !

There is a name that is synonymous with quality around the world. That is CRAYOLA... It does not mater what country you are in, their products are recognised and sought after. So when it comes to bringing art supplies to the orphanages , seniors homes and invalid homes, It is such a blessing for us to bring the very best.
Today we were over to one of the orphanages to do finger painting with the kids.. once again, the paper, the paint, the paint brushes, and the paint smocks the kids were wearing.. all donated by our friends at Crayola... in fact if you remember bake to last week when we did crafts with the kids, they were mostly from Crayola as well.... Even this morning at the invalid home, the chalk we used on the board, and the markers the men were writing with were Crayola as well.

We did a couple forms of finger painting .. the first was simply experiencing getting their hands dirty, and feeling the paint between their fingers

Then the second project was mixing colours, and making contact prints...

This was a first for these kids.

Over the next few weeks and months we will continue to go through our bags of Crayola and bring excitement to the kids..
While we were there , we found out that this orphanage has not had any water for three months. Jayne had some money with her that was designated to help here, so she asked what it would take to get the water back on again... $100 ... needless to say, Monday morning, they will begin installing the water...

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