Saturday, March 12, 2011

food delivered

Last night we shared a need for food at the baby orphanage. Over $500 came in overnight.

We managed to juggle our schedule and go shopping first thing. We bought huge sacs of rice, flour, sugar, kasha, tea, oil, salt, wheat germ, pasta, and beef. Since beef is all the same price/kg here, John managed to find 50lbs of prime rib for them.

Through the kids-for-kids sponsorship program we received $25, and we are going to the orphanage in a couple of hours to throw a cake and pop party for the kids. Emma, Bekah, Logan, Michaela, and Brianna are going to do crafts with the kids as well.

Later we will be going shopping again to buy food for Iskra Men's Invalid Home.
stay tuned ...

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