Friday, March 25, 2011

New floor in the works for the Invalid home.

While Lynn was off in Bishkek looking for the tiles for the front entrance of Dayspring, Julie and I brought a contractor out to the invalid home to have a look at the flooring in the dinning room
For reasons unknown to any one, the previous director pulled up the tiles leaving an awful mess... My guess is that he had found a buyer for them.. maybe he had other plans and contacts to put a new tile down, but he is now gone, and we are left with what remains.
The floors are un even and have large chunks of concrete sticking up. It is porus and very hard to keep clean.

The rest of the room has a lot to be desired as well... The walls are dirty and crumbling, and the ceiling is flaking after previous water damage.

We met with Larisa , the new director, and our contractor friend to discuss what to do next... and to get a price... We came up with what will be the cheapest fix up , and that will be to pour a new floor over the old one. If the price is right we could do a mosaic effect , then stencil around the boarder and maybe paint on rugs and runners. then in one side we could build a stage for when we have special events there, and even put up a screen for movies. It has such potential..
It's amazing that we would consider such a project at this time, but we have bit off so much in the past, that I am pretty sure we can pull this off now. We need to first convince our contractor that we are not his personal cash cow...hahah.. We figured there would be a problem when after quoting a price that seems to be double what is the going rate , he then asked "what about driving us and providing meals for my workers each day " ya right ! then with in 15 minutes, every time he quoted a price it went up by 10%... I was once told ... if you are going to lye, you better have a good memory...... Olga is looking for some better prices for us...
Tomorrow morning we will be heading back out there with the whole teem from LAMb. It will be the first day of classes in the new class room... We will be teaching English there every Saturday morning... I remember after teaching English to the kids in the orphanage, we started to hear their stories first hand... I wonder what we are going to learn next...

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