Monday, March 14, 2011

Help for Aidi

I will have to post more later, but I wanted to give a little update about our young friend Aidi. Aidi is a young boy that our friends have been helping for some time now. Aidi has a very serious heart condition. He is in desperate need of a heart operation. The best case would be to have him go to the US for his operation, but the hurtles as so insurmountable that it may not happen. Time is a big factor here , and every day he is growing weaker.
We have found a Dr here that is a very good heart specialist . He is now on the case and monitoring the situation. They are ready to operate if things go that way .

One of the biggest obstacles was over come today. We have had a few donations come in that would help to offset the costs ... Then today special angels Walter and Evelyn stepped up and have provided the funds for the emergency surgery. We are now on a very tight time line .. will he get air lifted to the US we will wait and see , but if not, we are now ready to operate.

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