Thursday, March 17, 2011

off to the dump

This morning we gathered up and after a quick shop at the bazaar, we headed to the dump to meet Larisa. Once again we headed down the long driveway hoping that there would be people there to receive all the food hampers we packed... like it's all about us, and our desire to do good.... Then we get the God slap when we realize that the greatest hope we could have would be to show up at the dump with food, and no one would be there to greet us. Today we were not so fortunate... despite the bitter cold, there were close to 20 people in the dump today .

Everyone got a bag with Rice, flour, pasta, sugar, oil , tea, SALT, kasha and split peas

The father and son that Logan was giving food to in this photo were new here, and the young boy was afraid of us, and went strait to his father when I tried to give him food... Once his father said it was OK he was happy to get the food ..and some other treats we had for them .

Bekah and the Girls found another first timer .. in fact there were to many new faces in the dump this trip...

I am sure that when people think of giving out the Samaritans purse boxes, they have a much more quaint setting then a cold dirty dump, but for these kids, this is their life.

The fields surrounding the dump are covered with plastic bags.. it would be easy to get on some sort of recycling band wagon here , but really How could we justify spending the energy on that as long as there are families in the middle of it... maybe one day

While we were there, we went over to the next little village to visit Aerofat and see how he did this winter... for those that do not know him, we helped him with 2 cleft pallet surgeries.. He is doing so well, and looks great.

The whole family is doing very well , and were glad to see us.. we will have to stop back for tea next week .

The part that struck Darren was the dirt floors in the little mud house , and they are considered to be doing well ! .. The best part of the visit was to get to meet little baby Rose.. she is a real sweety ..

Then Teresa got to have lunch in a yurt.. the workers there were so happy to see us and came out and gave big hugs..

We had Shashleek and Tea

Now we are on our way to Day spring where we are putting on a movie night for the kids from Emma's orphanage.. I will post more tonight .

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Here's one for Teresafrom Grammy - You're beautiful! These blogs are great, thanks for keeping me up to date.