Monday, March 21, 2011

Back to Kash Ka

This is one of the little kids in the village enjoying his first taste of Chili and Cheese .. we made them a big batch and poured it over rice and topped with sour cream .. Add to that an apple, a hand full of cookies, a pocket full of candy, a piece of bread and a glass of pop or tea, and you have one happy bunch..

We had about 65 that we served... The first time they came through the line, they were a little apprehensive, and they only wanted a small bowl, but it was fun to see their eyes get big when they realized how good it was, then came back for seconds... a FULL bowl this time...hhaha

One thing that brought it all into perspective was that when they were done, they came to us and asked if they were allowed to take the plastic bowl and spoon home with them... something we would have not even considered... if you look close at the photo above, you will see that they are so thin you can see the food threw them... we just take so much for granted...
I want to return in a few weeks, and maybe have some crafts or something with the kids ... They are so special, and so happy to have us come .

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