Friday, March 11, 2011

Baby Orphanage update

We stopped by the Orphanage today... We did a little shopping . Apples, Bananas, oranges... as well we brought a bunch of new blankets that were made by some knitting and quilting groups back home .... Pat Lawrence and the Marmora Quilters, the Madoc quilters, and the Hastings Knitters .. What a blessing it is to be able to help out like that.

Dr. Tatyana was thrilled to see us.. but more thrilled to see the food that we brought ...

Here is the thing.... They NEED Food ....the orphanage is very short on food right now. The price of food here in KG has gone through the roof, and the budgets have not gone up to match it... I am a little dismayed, I have recently read on other websites that the crisis is over, and others have began diverting funds to other areas rather then suport for the orphanage...This is simply not true.. The needs are as big now as ever... We have a list of food needed right away... it will likely be about $500 for us to fill, but we don't have the money either ... if you want to help with this or know any one that can help , please pass the word on.. As soon as it arrives , we will go shopping for them right away. The thing they would really love is too have some meat in the diet for a little while .. The price of meat is almost as high here as it is at home now.
Everywhere we go we are finding that the number one need is Food...

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