Monday, December 01, 2014

Five pies to be tossed

Congratulations to our 5 challengers who reached their $500 target and will be receiving a pie in the face this year .. stay tuned for the video's and Photo's.  Thank you to all those who let their name stand as well but did not reach the target .. you are now officially off the hook.   We will continue to receive Christmas donations and will keep the totals updated, but the challengers are no longer obligated to get a pie in the face unless they decide to. 

 As you can see the totals are a lot lower this year, at this point.  I would just like to say that we are not disappointed, how could we be ? , for one reason  we know that more will come in, but  more importantly, we recognise the the last couple months, so many of you have given so generously to so many needs ..  Food, coats, blankets, boots, coal, heaters, even homes for over 60 people left homeless .. All things that are sooo soooo important going into the winter.   In fact we went to get another 10 tons of coal today  bringing this years total to 53 tons of coal .. the Manager of the coal yard was asking why so much coal , I think we are one of the biggest purchasers of coal.. when he heard how many people we were helping and that it was all being given away , he decided to donate an additional ton of coal himself... I am believing  that this is what we are going to see a lot of this Christmas.  Individuals and businesses in Kyrgyzstan more and more are coming along side and partnering with us.. Its such a cool thing ..   

We will change things up a bit , maybe a little more on the group parties, and a little less on the individual gifts will have to be in store this year .. We will make final decisions in a couple weeks once we have a better handle on what funds will be available .   

It takes so little to make a difference in a life,  Just know that one way or another, they will know we remembered them and that we care.  

One young girl after putting  her Christmas gift with the rest of her things after the party  last year 

the children from the village had such an awesome party .. it lasted all day 

Children from the treatment centre loved having visitors more then anything 

this was an incredible day .. a party with the blind society and the deaf society 
Thank you all again for making it possible for us to continue to reach out to the hurting the helpless and the lost .

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