Friday, December 19, 2014


Bekah and Sergey were out today delivering HOPE to those in need of a little hope right now .  One of their stops was to see a mother that we have been helping for some time.  As I sit and stare at this picture , its hard not to start crying , the photo has so much to say , take a moment and let it speak to you ! 

Another stop was to the children's treatment centre . Sergey had a bunch of fruit to bring them, and Bekah had a bunch of hand knit dolls that she new would be a hit, and a comfort  here for these kids.  

Meanwhile Jengish and Emma were around the Valley purchasing goats for the farm.  We had a couple donations for goats. one was an individual donation and the other was a group that decided rather then a little gift exchange, they would pool the money and invest in the beginning of a herd of goats.  So just like that, the farm has moved forward into the next step .. dairy goats that will be used for making goat cheese .. that means we can name them hahahaha.. 

this ones name is Abundant ... BUNT for short 

these two will be named on sunday by the  sunday school kids 

Just think, pretty soon those food bags at the top of the post may include goat cheese "from the farm"

maybe you are trying to think of some last minute gift idea's, why not food shares from the farm , or even sponsor an animal ..and the person you buy it for gets to name it.

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