Sunday, December 28, 2014

what they do on a down day

Great day yesterday celebrating Christmas with Julies side of the family.

For our brother in law, we got a little stuffed rabbit and in its arms was a photo of the real rabit in Jengishes arms .. We purchased this Rabbit for him.. its name is T-Bor .. after Daves Dad. 

It was nice to have Julies Dad and My Mom with us.  it was a nice morning ..

After lunch we went to a party with all of Julies extended family.   At that party, we were really blessed buy one of Julies cousins wife Kim.  She is experienced in Market Gardening, and put together a hamper for the farm.  In it were a bunch of books that she knows are good, as well as some seeds, and soil test kits, as well as a bunch of cloth bags to deliver produce "from the farm" .  She has gathered this up in Honor of her sister who also is a gardener..   What a great way to get the farm off to the right start .  Maybe one day Kim and her sister will get their  hands dirty at the farm.

It was really noticeable that the girls weer not with us and we were missing them ..  Julie said that it was nice that today was a down day for them with nothing on the schedule.  Then we started getting photos through of what their down day looks like. 

They started early and shopped for and packed bags for their friends at the homeless shelter.    

Then they made a great big meal , that included 1/6th of a pig from the farm, ( and chicken for those who don't eat pork ) and went and had a celebration with them 


I can see by the expression I know well here .. Bekah is Bringing greetings and blessings to everyone .  

I recognise most of these people from around town, but I must say, they never looked so good.  Its actually amazing how great they are looking... who would think that winter would be a time for a homeless person to actually start getting better.  With the  care they are receiving from the City , the medical care , the proper hygiene, and the nutrition... not to mention the love and dignity that they are being shown, we are seeing the miracle of LOVE ..   

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