Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Getting ready for Christmas

Good heavens .. Christmas is just around the corner .  We were so busy for the last four months that  I had not thought about returning right into Christmas season.   The day after we landed Julie was speaking at the WM Christmas Gala.  She was bringing an update about all the operations and treatments that they sponsored last year.  We have had two other speaking engagements and a family party and a Christmas party with our church family since we have returned.  Mailed a few packages and still have a bunch of stuff that Bekah sent back for her friends.  Speaking of Bekah the girls have kept very busy as well so between us we have not had a lot of time to visit , just quick little business chats and on with the day.  Maybe things will slow down a bit and we will catch our breath ..  We did manage to get the tree up, all three feet of it . 

Julie's Dad has been staying with us this week , so it has been nice to visit with him. Julie asked if he thought we had enough decorations on it .. he said he thought that 10 minutes ago.. hahah 

Enjoying his time looking through the photo albums

The return has been a little stressful ,  As you have seen we have had so much on the go over the last couple months, and when we go I like to leave money for about two or three weeks expenses ahead to give me time to Jet leg in peace.   This year has been a little more difficult,  Besides ourselves and those who live with us, we have eight others that we sport a little bit so that they have the expense money they need to do what they do.  A couple months ago one of our larger sponsors completed a commitment they had to on going support to the general fund.  Please pray with us that someone would step in and fill this gap.  With each passing month things have gotten tighter and tighter.   Before we left we spoke with everyone that we work with and let them know that we may have difficulty meeting the need this month .   Even returning home has been a bit of a trial .  We have been covering the short fall ourselves, this was unexpected when we left back in September , and we have returned to car licensing ( it was my birthday while we were away ) and Julie's is due in Feb, which used up our buffer money we returned with , Our wood pile has only about a weeks wood left,   and last week our water heater packed it in.. it did not like being left alone for four months .. I managed to patch up the leaks, but we no longer have hot water .. Julie tells me " fine thing , you find almost 50 tons of coal , and bring hot water into homes in Kyrgyzstan, but our own home is almost out of heat and I can't even have a hot bath.  Wen we are  home it is ministry also, there is no shame in letting these needs be known.

IF any of you are thinking about how you can help, we sure could use some help with the on going  support of those that are our hands and feet in Kyrgyzstan as well as our own monthly support.  Please consider a one time donation or monthly support to the general fund.   The last thing we want to do is cut back what little they do have, but very soon that choice will not be ours.

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