Wednesday, December 03, 2014

heat and medical needs

The last few weeks we have shared some of the needs that we are facing in Kyrgyzstan.  There are just so many in need and I understand that we can not help them all .. we have delivered 55 tons of coal , and today I got a message that there is a widow,  she just lost her husband, and she has no coal left .  I have asked Jengish to pick up a couple bags from the farm to bring to her, hoping that it will help to keep her warm while we find her a sponsor,  but she will need about 3 tons to get through the winter .. thats about $240. 

Time to time donations come in undesignated.  This is also a great blessing to us .  Its with these funds that we cover bank costs , gas and running around expenses for those we work with, and even a little expense money for them .  Those funds also help in an emergency like the one that occurred yesterday .   Baktagul got a call that her cousin had been taken to the hospital and needed an operation and medicine.  The total cost was just over $100.  Bekah had not spent her food money yet, so right away they were able to send Bektagul to the cit to meet her cousin at the hospital to pay the bills so she could get the treatment she needed 

We have just about finished the waiting room portion of the clinic.  but we are falling short on finishing the exam room.  It looks like by the end of next week, Vlady will have some time off until we are able to find a sponsor to help us complete this project. If you would like to help with a spacific project or need, or even to the general fund , please use one of the paypal or Canada helps links on the right, and we will keep doing all that we can with the funds available.

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