Friday, December 26, 2014

Honored to be a part ...

Honors from the Mayors Office 
Today while Bekah and Acel along with Sergey and his boys were busy throwing Christmas parties for several hundred kids , Jengish and Emma were representing Julie and I at the Tokmok City mayors New years eve galla. 

   Its said that when you enter a banquet, you should not over state your place , do not go to the head table , but go to the back of the room...  You will be moved to where you should be ... this is exactly what Jengish and Emma did tonight , with hundreds of guests in the room, the though that they would slip quietly into the back of the room.  Very quickly they were spotted and moved to a place of Honor... They were brought to the head table, beside the mayor and a few other very prominent members of the Tokmok society.   Our claim to fame ? ... visiting the widows and the orphans , and reaching out to the downtrodden.   

It is so encouraging to me, not so much that we were honored in this way, but because it is not so much We that were honored, but the work that we do and the people that we reach out to .  During the party, The Mayor presented Jengish and Emma with a certificate , and introduced them to the crowd.   Jengish brought greetings from us and all of you who support the work that we do.

The Christmas parties began with a trip to the children's treatment orphanage where Bekah and Sergey visited a couple weeks ago.. Bubbles spent the day with them again and was a great hit. 

The next stop was to the Baby orphanage ,, this was a great time.   the kids just loved the party.  As well as bubbles, they brought gifts and fresh fruit for them all 


We had a donation during the summer to fix up the playground.  We were able to fix all the broken boards in the playgrounds and play shelters, and give everything a fresh coat of pint, and today we added more to that .. a large play gym that has swings and a slide.. It can be used both inside and outside , so it will get a lot of use.  As well we have ordered a childrens pay kitchen set for them.. this was a special request from the workers there .. 

They did not have time to put it together today, the kids were already in overload with all the excitement of the day , this will be great fun for them, and Bekah will go back in a few days when the kitchen arrives, and help put everything together and get photos.  I am even told that Santa will be making an appearance for that 

Then it was on to Chui Orphanage ... I think this day with a couple hundred kids can be summed up with just one picture  

Along with their special day, Bekah and Acel were ready with banana's and Oranges after the concert.. But just to make it more special, when they came out of the hall on the way back to their rooms, Vladic was waiting with a van load of cotton candy for them all.  WHAT A TREAT .. 

Now the kids have a couple days to regroup, buy gifts and supplies, get the cotton Candy and be ready for the party at Red river orphanage on the 29th.  stay tuned

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