Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Here and there and back again

Jet leg is a wonderful thing .. It actually gives you all kinds of energy, the problem is that energy at 3:30 am is not as useful as it could be at 3:30 pm.  That said, we are still getting a lot done.  

We have had several visits with friends , family and sponsors since our return, and have had lots of opportunity to share about the work in Kyrgyzstan .  Meanwhile back in Kyrgyzstan the work continues.  Emma and Jengish visiting with the kids from the orphanage, working with the boys out on the farm and delivering coal.  Bekah is working hard looking after the home front, keeping things on track, and also helping with translating etc for some friends visiting .  

For years, Gramma Wrightly has been knitting mittens for the kids,  Today I dropped off a gift for her from the kids and picked up another 100 pair of beautiful mits 

Our coal guy and Jengish are back at it with another 10 tons of coal delivered around the valley to families in need 

our friend Marat brought us to this family .. When the coal yard manager heard what we were doing with all the coal, they even gave an extra ton of coal at no charge .. that brings us to 55 tons of coal delivered this winter and over 80 families and individuals who will be warm .. good job everyone . 

We brought back an order of blankets from Aigulla and delivered them a couple days ago . 

what a blessing this was for these men who have been such a blessing to many of those we help in Kyrgyzstan 

Out at the farm, the guys have started making their own bread now .. looks good 

At the WM Gala , Julie Apa dressed in traditional Kyrgyz outfit, brings a report on the 18 operations and treatments sponsored by these ladies last year .. what a time of encouragement .

This week I will be sharing at a mens group in the area about the on going work in Kyrgyzstan and ways to partner with us to bring HOPE and restore DIGNITY to so many

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