Wednesday, December 24, 2014

First fruits from the farm

 This is kind of exciting .. the first fruits from the farm ...   A couple months back, Jengish and I were out looking for straw, and we found someone selling baby pigs.  We decided to get a couple that we could raise up and use as part of our Christmas hampers for those we work along side ..   Each package has some cheese, kabassa, fruit, produce and a large piece of pork .   In total , the girls prepared 16 packs .  I will spare you the full video of the boys at the farm preparing the pigs.  The picture here is the pieces from 1 pig.

Emma and her puppy putting together the packages 

They were able to get most of the packs delivered yesterday, as well as have a chance to do some planing with the team about how to carry out the Christmas parties this year ,  they got about half of them organized, and  by our tonight, things will be under way ...   Here is the breakdown from Bekah in case you would like to follow along , 

*We just finished our meeting. Tomorrow Jengish is going to Bishkek to pick up the slide and fruit for the baby orphanage
* Marat (mayors office)  has party tomorrow and Sergey will go to take pictures. They are having Bubbles the clown come for that.
 *The 26th we have baby orphanage, Ivanovka and Chui with bubbles the clown .
*The 29th is red river.
* 31-1 is our new years party with the boys.
*The 7th is Vera and Iskra mens home.
 *And that leaves a planning meeting with larisa but I'll start getting presents now.
 *Also Acel with the blind society  and Svetly put will be after the new years.
*And one night a party with Beikut.

* we still have to fit in dinner party at the homeless shelter.....

Last night we had a couple rabbits purchased as Christmas gifts .. there names are Mary and Joseph.  


Just in case someone wanted actual photos for Christmas gifts , and since in a few hours it will be Christmas in Kyrgyzstan, Jengish picked up a couple sibling groups for $40 each set, They are all baby Giants ..

if you are looking for a last minute gift idea , these could be your answer .. .. for more idea's , check out the last blog post as well . 

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