Friday, December 05, 2014

go ahead .. push yourself just a little . you will be amazed

Many of you have been packing Christmas gift boxes this year .  They are such a blessing to the kids that receive them ..   This year we had an interesting think happen .  We had a friend contact us and say that they were going to miss the pick up date for the boxes and did not have time .  They asked if they could just send the money to us and have us pack a box here for her... she really wanted the gift to go to Kyrgyzstan.,, right around the same time we had a young boy contact us .  He was from an orphanage about 4 hours away and he was concerned about his little sister, and asked if we could go see her and maybe bring her a small gift.  Today Emma and Bekah put those two requests together and delivered the gift .. they even found a wrapped box from a couple years ago at one of the orphanages to pack it in . 

As you can see, Jengish took this opportunity to bring them a food packet from the garage.  It is amazing how the food is holding out and sooo many are being blessed by it .    Like today Bekah went to the garage and picked up some supplies, and was able to make a huge pot of Borsht that Jengish and Emma were able to bring to the homeless shelter for supper.   

The shelter now has 16 people living there .  Along with bringing supper, today there was even a dentist and a Dr that came and provided needed medical care for the people living there. 

This is such an incredible thing .  to have such a great facility for homeless right in Tokmok, and to be able to provide them with not just a warm bed, but medical care, and food .

Tomorrow they will be heading back to the shelter.  A friend heard about the work that is going on here and provided a little extra funds so that they can bump things up a bit and provide an extra meal this week .. They are going to make Ploff with lots of meat in it.  this will be such a great time for those in from the cold.      The weather outside is frightful, but inside the heat is so delightful , and since they have a place to go ... Let it snow , let it snow , let it snow .

Yesterday Jengish had a meeting with the Mayor.    We are so encouraged by this administration and all that the Mayor and his people are doing to care for the less fortunate.  He and Jengish  discussed ways that we will be able to help in the upcoming year.  We are excited and looking forward to some of the great possibilities.  So many people  question what they can do, and how they can make a difference, but Jengish reminded us again today .. Start with the one in front of you.. " If we start buy doing what we can do , before you know it we will be doing what everyone said could not be done "  We are seeing that more every day ..  I think of the famous speech by J.F.K.  " Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country"

 I encourage you as you head into the new year, ask yourself ," Is there something more that I can do,  not just in Kyrgyzstan but in my own community".   When you push yourself out of the comfort zone  just a little , you WILL be amazed how awesome 2015 will be.

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