Saturday, November 29, 2014

Portraits by Emma, Doing what she loves for those that she loves.

From the time Emma was a little girl, if you asked her what she wanted to do or be when she grew up, she would say that she wanted to live in the mountains and paint.  For some reason, we could see dream coming true.   At the same time , what we saw in here was a strong social conscience.   In fact anyone that new Emma knew that she had a very strong will, and when she saw what she anything perceived as being unfair or unjust , there was simply no dealing with her until we had done everything we could to make the situation right .  

Here we are twenty odd years later, and I am amazed how little she has changed in her vision and in her sense of justice  

Living in Kyrgyzstan,  her convictions are tested, but she continues to do what she knows is right, reaching out to those less fortunate, or those who simply need a voice. 

focusing on the seniors and the orphans,  Emma not only shows, but teaches LOVE and COMPASSION 

I was not surprised when yesterday Emma messaged me and said  "Dad I think I need to start painting again.  The needs are just so big here, and I don't mind painting.   I can make good money at it and it might help take some of the pressure off. " 

Emma has an incredible talent, and does love to paint , but we have always been careful not to push her to paint, but she is right, it sure could help her meat some of the incredibly overwhelming nds that she sees every day .. Her are some of he paintings to give you an idea of he abilities.    

In the past what we have done is people will commission the work.  They send us a photo of what they would like painted, and Emma will paint from that.  Once complete, We will send the painting to you.  Once you receive the  painting, you can send payment if you are satisfied,  Our suggested price for a custom portrait is $300 for the first face, ad $50 for additional faces.    We are not allowed offer a tax receipt for this bass amount, so we have a separate pay pal link below.  Any amount above and beyond the suggested price that you would like to go toward her work is fully receiptable   using a donation button on the side of the blog.   

If you are interested in commissioning a painting from Emma , please email me at . We know of people traveling back from Kyrgyzstan in the next few weeks, so Emma could likely get the first couple back state side by Christmas.    

Non receiptable payments , 
please click on this link .

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