Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Great things happening in Tokmok

When we first met Jengish and started working with him back in 2008,  He told us that in the evenings he would go out and help the homeless.    He told us stories of such hopelessness and pain.  I decided to go out with him one evening and see first hand, so he took me to a homeless shelter in one of the parks in the capital . 

This room had no heat, the door was broken and would not open or close properly , and the windows were a piece of plastic.  The room was about 20 x 30 feet, and had mattresses on the floor. That was it.  nothing more .  There were no meals or other services provided,  nothing.  This was more of just a place that the police could bring the homeless and dump them off rather then the hospitals. 

for years Jengish has worked to help the homeless and the addicts to find a new way of life , one that is fulfilled and purposeful,   guys like Acelbeck and so many like him who came out of a shelter like the one above , today are contributing members of society and doing their part to help others .  Acelbeck is a hard worker, he has headed up most of the renovations at the farm, he has worked with Vlady at the clinic and he is preparing to plant the gardens for the food shares in the spring.  

Last year many of you rallied behind Acelbek when he was hit by a car , broken collarbone, fractured skull, he was suddenly homeless and out of work.. he was of no value to anyone, and was close to death.   We posted his need on the blog and with in 20 minutes Jengish was bringing him to the hospital with cash in hand .. it does not always work like that but this day it did. 

One year later and Acelbek is giving back .. and is part of our team . 

  Things have come a long way since those days when we first met Jengish.  That is not to say that the situations still exist.   there was a group of videographers that fallowed Jengish around a couple years ago and these short videos capture some of what they saw .  still very disturbing.   this is a two part video posted below ..

In light of what I know, maybe that is why we are so excited about the work of the Mayors office in Tokmok.  They recognise that guys like Acelbek should not be written off use of their circumstances, but that they do have value.  The Tokmok shelter is such a great way to show a little dignity.  We have committed to help provide meals at the shelter this winter.  As I look at the photos below in comparison to what I have seen above, I am just so blessed to be a small part of this.   

This happens because people like you support people like Jengish and Emma .    

Just in case it did not sink in, this is the alternative .   

There are cities around the world that could take a lesson from the city of Tokmok ... seriously !

on another happy note 

A portion of the Christmas pie challenge money goes to provide shipping expenses for Vitamins for the orphanages and those in need in Kyrgyzstan.
Along with those collected by many of you , this batch of smarty pants Vitamins has made the first leg of the journey to a home in Ohio where it will be packed and sent with a team coming over in Feb. I remember asking an orphanage director if she noticed a difference when she gave them to the kids .. She said " Yes , they have stopped licking the white wash off the sides of the buildings now " It was not the answer I was expecting , but it sure shows how much they are needed .... Thank you to every one who works so hard and donates to make this possible 

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