Saturday, December 20, 2014

a great last minute gift idea

welcome to the newest addition to the farm .. 

This huge buck is a friendly good natured rabbit.   He is an excellent specimen , and in great health.  He will be the centre of our breading stock for the next generation .   But he does not have a name.  So here is what we are thinking .. If anyone would like to sponsor him, or more like him    He cost us $30.   When donating, put his new name in the memo box.  The first one names him , but if more then one of you want in on this , there are more where he came from. 

The picture is a 4 x 6 , and you can print it off and give it to someone as a great gift for the person that is hard to shop for.  .. then let them name him ..  

Here are a few other Christmas gift suggestions 

one chicken costs us $6

a milking goat is $125 .. Jengish also has an eye on an expecting mother goat for $300 

and a goose is just $12 
Another great option is "Food shares from the farm "  you can read about them here 

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