Monday, December 22, 2014

A few last minute gift idea's

Here are a few last minute gift ideas for those hard to shop for people.  Below I have 4 x 6 ratio photos of some of the animals on the farm,  If you would like to sponsor one of these items as a gift or stocking stuffer this year, simply make the appropriate donation , then print off the picture.  If you send us the name you choose, include it in the memo, or give your loved one our email address and they can send us the name.  Once the animal is purchased we will send you the actual photo.   Here are some of the animals we have already.  Jengish and the boys are making room now for your special gift .. 
These goats were sponsored by friends our home Church  , they have been named HOPE and FAITH 

This bunnys name is Tibor in honor of my brother in law , but we can get more like him   $30 

This is Izzy in honor of Samantha .. I here she is buying two more .. thanks Sam  $6

still looking for a name ... $5
This ones name is Abundant ... Bunt for short  $125
This hansom fellow has a few more days and she will become someones Christmas dinner unless she gets a name first. $12
 Another option is to purchase shares from the farm.  then you can choose who you would like your weekly share of fresh produce to go to support.   each share is $60 .. 75 more available./  
here are the choices

Seniors home ( approximately 44 seniors ) 

Bacute orphanage ( 14 to 17 kids age 5 to 18 ) 
Family's and students in need food hampers ( approx 30 of each ) 
Homeless feeding program 
Dayspring ( family home for up to 10 orphaned girls ) 
Jeremiah ( home for kids after leaving the orphanage )

 If you would like to go big, we can also do Cows or horses .. 

The farm is a great place where those who have fallen through the cracks can get a fresh start at life .  Orphans who have timed out of government support, or those who have graduated out of addictions support programs , but still need help to insure success, or the homeless looking for  Hand up.  These are the people that this farm will be supporting.  They will be given a a 
 warm bed, and hot meals, and even a small salary for working on the farm.  More importantly they will receive the counseling, training, and direction that they need to develop hope for their future.

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