Friday, December 12, 2014

here and there

So when in Kyrgyzstan, as much as busy as we are and as much stuff as we get into, There are always people around that make it there business to make sure that I don't have to do a lot of physical work.... they want to help, and if they even see me with a bag in my hand they will run and get it .. I think it is a cultural thing, because I am old you know.  So now that I am home and have to do a little work, I sure miss my crew.. boy am I sore.  We found a used two year old water heater, someone was switching to gas so we got a great deal.  the tricky part was getting it down into our basement and hooked up.   Thank you Jeff for giving me a hand with this . 
Then yesterday we brought in the fire wood .  Bekah and Benjamin are already grumbling, they saw how small it is split this year and remembered about how big the pieces were when it was THEM who had to carry it ..hahha   

bringing in the water heater . It will be nice to have hot water,  recognising the excitement
we saw with those we helped with hot water last month in Kyrgyzstan  

stopping to chat with Bekah 

Its a nice feeling to have this on the porch ready to burn, feeling a bit of the relief that I saw with so many when we delivered coal over the last couple months .

and here comes the snow 
 Back in Kyrgyzstan the kids have been busy . Kamala continues to teach at the orphanage 5 days a week, and now has begun giving Russian lessons Via Skype.  She is doing so well and is such a great teacher.  Bekah has just finished a couple weeks of translating and being a travel aid for friends visiting .  Yesterday Christmas money started arriving from Possibilities International.  Once again they are doing great things in Kyrgyzstan , wait till you see .  To get things started, every one that lost there home in the spring fire will be getting a new Aigulla blanket for Christmas this year. among other things , so Bekah was quick to get the funds to Aigulla so they can start sewing right away.  As well PI has blessed Jengish with winter tires.  I can't express how happy he is about that.  With no snow removal or sault or sand, driving can get dangerous.  There is so much to do and to loose days because of snow when there are people in need is a difficult thing, but now with his new tires, they are able to keep working .
Kamalla translating for the team this fall as they delivered coal

Delivering money to make blankets for Christmas 

The new tires are on .. Jengish is happy 
 The clinic is almost finished, and its time to move the furniture into the waiting room .  I will do a post about this later today .
Loading up the benches to take to the clinic 
 As we shared earlier, Emma is starting to paint again.. If you are interested in having a portrait of custom painting done,  Follow this link to read more   Today she picked up the canvas in the city so she is ready to start.

Out at the farm, two of our giant bunnies  have given birth . I wish I was there to give them all a hug ,  I will just have to settle with a photo or two 

we think there are about 22 new babies .. its hard to tell, they won't stand still long enough , not to mention where does one start and the other finish ..hahaha see if you can count plus there is one more off Camera

The last few posts I have been encouraging you all to step out of your comfort zones and do your own actofkindness .. then tell me about it .

When we started to go to Central Asia , we had a friend here in Canada who was feeling challenged to reach out to those in need .. Not a comfortable step, but one that she new she needed to make.   yesterday she writes

Many years ago I slowly attempted to overcome my fear of approaching and giving to people who are on the street, in a bad way or are in need of kindness and love, Now I am immersed in giving to those who have been abandoned, abused and sick. These people are my second family and I help in any way I can to make their time with me a good experience.

Send us your stories of how a simple actofkindness has effected your life .

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