Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Birthday party

One of Emma's projects is to have a birthday every month for the kids at Bacute orphanage. Its always a fun time .  the kids look forward to it.   When ever I am in town, we make it a supper party.  I make enough for supper one night and enough for lunch the next day.  Lots of juice and a cake is always a big hit as well. 

Three of the boys celebrated birthdays Today.  they each got a little bag with a toy car, an action figure, and a few other little goodies .  Then as party favors , every one got a candy stick 

Then the really big hit,  |we got out the bag full of mittens made by a friend of ours in Canada.  The kids got to each choose there own pair.  Boy were they happy with this ..

Before we left, they all wanted a group photo.

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