Monday, September 03, 2012

Back to school for 2 kids in our household

This morning Bekh and Jengish headed back to Bishkek early.  Today is Bekah`s first day of classes .. orientation is over and so it begins .   
I should go back and read the blog, I am not sure if I told you about Baktagul,  the last week has been a blur.   

We arrived here this trip with an urgency in our hearts to have a home for kids who have aged out of an orphanage .. Jeremiah house will be that home.  They first day we went out of our apartment here , we met up with some kids we have known for years.. and guess what .. they have just left the orphanage and  need he very kind of help we are talking about .. 
We have funds in the process now that will help us to make this possible, but for Baktagul , waiting was not an option .  So we now have he here living with us.  She is enrolled  in School  .. it is a computer / business school that is a University feeder school.. here she will receive both her grade 10 and 11 as well as the computer training she wants.    It was an exciting morning for her as one of our workers came to take her to school and help complete her enrollment and pay her tuition.

First day of school 

Once Baktagul was off , we headed over to Bacute orphanage to talk to the director... We sat and listened to her concerns, More important then the better education that the kids will receive, The school that they are in now, the kids are treated poorly by students AND teachers because they are orphans.  What brought her to Akbata to talk to them in the first place is our young Yuri.   Yuri is having  hard time in school, and will need some extra help..but because he is an orphan the school said that they would not except him and he should be moved to an orphanage for kids with special needs... Akbata has agreed to work with him, and with a little extra help from Olga's learning center if needed, .  Yuri will be just fine and will not be torn from this little orphanage that has become his family.   As we sat and talked ,  She asked us if all the boys could go... so if you remember , my sign was that I needed half the money in last night if I was to proceed with this , and since half of the 6 kids tuition came in, we agreed to move ahead.  Kostya met with us at the school this afternoon, and helped with registry and payment ... 
   That will leave 2 girls at the orphanage that are not at this school.. we are waiting on God now to see if we should just ask that they go to this school as well.. 

Between these meetings, we got the apartments ready and stocked with some basics for our team and David and Jayne.  The schedule for the Possibilities International team of 14 is all set and reservations are made all over the valley.  

Isar will be here at 11:00 pm tonight,  and he and I will head to the airport to pick every one up ...   so is jet leg when you arrive on a jet, or when you go meet a jet.. either way ... tomorrow is going to be a long day , but we are so excited to have everyone coming .  

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