Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Photo update

It has been great to spend some time with Camalla, we have been able to help her get things back together after a difficult summer she had spending her time and resources to care for a sick relative , but once he was better, and her money was gone, she was told to leave .    Some things can make you so mad when you see the cruelty of the world , but she is safe now and back in school.  
We had a big celebration at Dayspring, there was a lot to be thankful for , Here I am pointing out all that we have to be thankful for   It was a birthday celebration for Smishnana , Melody, Acel, Hamanat, as well as two others who were not able to attend, but we celebrated anyways .  It was also Acel and Talants anniversary,  and one other big celebration , it was the one year anniversary since Dasha joined the Dayspring family. 

Dasha was a little shy in this picture, but we are just so happy to have her a part of our lives. I can not get over the changes since she came, more then just the heart repair, I see her sole is being repaired as well.. she is in school and she has the life of a little girl...Non of these things would have been possible without the Dayspring home and the support that many of you have given to the home . 
Our time together was blessed 
Jayne and David were able to spend some time with young Ruslan, and after , Jayne could not help but speak words of encouragement and praise to Aigoola for the incredible job that she is doing as his foster mom. 
It was so nice to have Aiperie home with us . she was missed while she was in Bishkek working, but she has returned home a little wiser, and a head for business.  Now with the opening of the sewing center, she will be even busier, but she will be home with the family.  

Yesterday was Amirs Birthday.  He and his friend Telik were over to the house for a visit, and some Skype time with his family.  Here he is reading a letter from his Mom and Dad,  He loved his car book . 

We then went out for supper.  I love this picture of Emma and Baktagool  

In our ppartement we keep a large box of fruit that we give to people that come , and send small packs home with them .  Talik thaught this was a great idea.  we told him he could have as many apples as would fit in his pockets , Amir was more interested in the pears . 

after supper we gave the boys each a bubble blower  .. they thought that they were pretty cool.

When it came time for the boys to go we had a bitter sweet moment, bitter because they wanted to leave there gifts at our house to have when they come here, they were concerned about having them stolen by the other kids .  this is a reminder to us of the life that these kids lead, but it was also sweet because they are recognizing that our home is a safe place, and they see it as a home that for a short time when they come, they can relax and feel the love and care of a family.   Amir is looking forward to having  a bike, but we knew that it would not work out because of the orphanage life, this confirmed it for us.. one day he will have his bike...  

This reminds me of another call that I have been getting from another young boy Aibek. Aibek called last week to Emma .. he asked her to ask me for a bike for him.  then less then 3 minutes later he called back and asked  "what did he say ? "     Its hard .. he has started to dream.. he has HOPE starting to work its way into his life... not that long ago he would never have even alowd him self to dream.... it was like the moment at the mens home when they asked if we could help to find them shelves because now that they had more then just the one set of cloths that the men had on , they  had a new problem.    But unfortunately the answer for Aibek has had to be no for now.. I wish I had the resources to say sure and go get him a beautiful bike, but I don't , and if I did it would not last long because there are just so many other needs we see here every day ... Like as I am writing this, I look out the window across at the dumpsters and see this lady. She is new here , she is not one of our regular dump folks.. what is her story.. what is her need.. what would it take to turn her life around and give her back the dignity that we should be available to us all  

For now we continue to do what we can as we are lead through this maze of hurting individuals . 

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