Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Can you say BAZINGA !

Isar and I headed to the airport at 11 lats night , and by 5 am we had David and Jayne and the3 Possibilities International team into their apartments ...but not for long .  It was a busy day . 

we visited the Jeremiah drop in center, the Dayspring house, did shopping at the bazaar for the dump and the Orlofka orphanage, met with the director of Bacute orphanage to arrange to enroll the last of her kids into Akbata , all fun and exciting things, but today we had a couple events that show us the impact that we are making here ...

It was at the Baby hospital where we have done so much work in the past , the last two projects there were part of Rotary donations.  they were done in conjunction with the Bishkek Rotary.  Basically the funds came here with us, and the Bishkek Rotary signed off on the work when it was completed, and then stood in for the photo opportunity.  But here is the cool thing.. after two years of this, the Bishkek club has done a huge fundraiser, and is now going to replace the old windows with brand new thermal pain windows.  This is so cool t5o see a place that wss forgotten for almost 20 years start to receive support from with in country .. When we were here last we had learned that with the support LAMb has provided here in the last three years, this is now considered one of the best baby hospitals in Kyrgyzstan, and people come from hundreds of miles to here .. this has brought a new light to the hospital, and the government has taken notice.  We were told that this is the first time in 20 years that the hospital has received any new equipment from them .. and what a way to start .. 2 beautiful brand new incubators and a ventilator   .  this baby below is a newborn 2 months premature .  he is from a village over 4 hours away... No longer a forgotten place , but THE hospital to go to... What a blessing to see then turn the corner .    

The next event was equally a blessing to me .  We met for dinner with about 15 Universality kids that we have worked with in the past.  Every year we have a friend that sends them day planers that they love.  it has been 4 years now that we have had this gathering in the fall.. Today was special because on the PI team is the brother of that donor  .  He is the white guy in the middle with the black shirt..haha if you could not figure out yourself. 

With the day planers they also received a bottle of Vitamins 

Both items they have come to rely on for a successful school year .

So her is an example of something so cool .. like the young lady above, several of these kids have experienced what it is to walk out the doors of an orphanage , with nothing , and with no one.  
When hearing some of the plans for Jeremiah project, this young lady said to me .. `OH PLEASE let me volunteer  with you.. I know what iot is like to be alone, and I know how important your help is , I will do anything .. just let me help``  

As I sat at this table , I looked down the row at some awesome kids that have overcome such hurtles in life.. standing firm in their convictions in the many times chaos around them... YET they are ready and WANTING to give back in some small way ... they are the 20% that made it, and many of them have such a heart and an understanding for those that are facing the challenge now...  I see the potential for an awesome young adult mentor-ship program in the years to come .. We really are not in this alone ..the system we are creating is actually working... LAMb stands for Leadership Activating Ministry    and the b   just because it compleets who we represent  ....  Look at this row of kids above.... the future of Kyrgyzstan ... can you say  BAZINGA !

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