Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I stand amazed

We continue to have incredibly busy days here.  We have a couple weeks between teams, and so much to do.   Yesterday we started early with Julie and Emma going to the seminar with the rest of the LAMb staff, and David and I going to the Bazaar with some young boys that we have supported for years.    It was great for them to reconnect with Dave .  They have a special connection, and when life for these boys is so topsy tervy , I stand amazed at how a short connection with Dave seems to be able to help them re ground themselves .  there is so little time , yet some how they are able to take that moment and draw enough strength from it to forge ahead . 

After meeting with the boys, we bought them a sack of flour and sugar, a new pair of running shoes and put them into a cab home.  Then it was time to shop for the seminar.  we quickly gathered all we needed for a coffee break and lunch and headed to Dayspring.  A nice salad , rice and roast chicken.

then as soon as lunch was cleaned up, it was more meetings and more kids looking for help.  

This morning Emma has a few more kids she is watching before and after school.. I think they are spending the night as well.  As soon as they were of to school , we went to the bazaar to meet up with Oksana , a young girl we have also been working with for about 4 years . 

she is in the process of moving to Russia to live with an Aunt.  The last couple months she has been with her Babushka.  Babushka is on a small pension, and could not look after her.  Her sponsor asked if we could please take her shopping before she left.  

Her Babushka came along because she wanted to meet us. She started to cry as soon as she saw us and thanked us so much for all the help in the past.  and she tried to explain how difficult it was for her knowing Oksana  was in an orphanage and there was nothing that she could do. She herself had grown up in an orphanage, and she said she knew how bad that was, but she had nothing better to offer. 

We told them that we had $50 to spend, and that we would stand back so the store owner would not see us and when she got the deal, then tell us and we would pay it.  Well once again we stand amazed.. she was awesome, better then I have ever seen... Boy did she have fun , and the deals beyond belief 

so amazed, that we even asked her if she would like to be our designated shopper for when we have others to shop for.  We told her that we could even pay her to shop for us to help her out a bit.  She was thrilled , but insisted that she would gladly do it for free...

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