Friday, September 21, 2012

In Business

Some times plans work , and some times they don't , but even when they appear not to be working , maybe they just have not come into fruition yet.  God works on a much different schedule then we do, and when we are faithful and stay the course, eventually it all comes together and we see.    

So what the heck am I talking about ?  Well how many of you remember last year we converted a Chicken coop at Aigoola's into a sewing room.   The difficulty was that I could not keep enough work for her with mattresses and blankets .. the need was high, but we could not get enough sponsorship to keep them busy...  We understood that for this to be sustainable , it had to be home grown.  

Then what to us seemed to be things falling apart, Aiperie went off to the city to work and live in a sewing factory. working all day every day , long into the evening .. Aigoola went to work as a home care worker, in a job that was far to demanding on her time and her physically , Mean while her home continued to be used as an emergency shelter .. 

Then a few weeks ago, everything fell into place.  Actualy what started for them as a concern for one of our "Jeremiah" girls, a young girl out of the orphanage and looking for a job,  Aiperie talked to the factory owner, and worked out a plan that she could set up a micro factory in Tokmok to provide jobs for her and the others that she was concerned about .       

With a micro credit loan provided by Possibilities International , she is in Business .. the loan was signed and given on Sunday, machines delivered and set up Tuesday , and by Wednesday they were in full operation.   
Aiperie showing off one of the beautiful house coats that the Tokmok factory is producing.  

We have been through a hole lot together with this delightful girl.  We are just so thankful for Gods faithfulness that all things would work together for good .  

Turat is home for three weeks before he returns to college in Ukraine for one more year.  He is making shelving for the "warehouse" 

Possibilities International sponsors also provided funding to get the heating system fixed in the sewing room, but when we got there , we found that the main heating system was fried.  she has had to burn about 7 times more coal then needed to get half the heat it should give off .  So my taught now is to put a new proper heating system in the house , and run a new line out to the sewing room , and run everything on the one new and efficient system.. this will provide ample heat, including the new space at about half the cost .  The only difficulty will be that the whole new system will be about $300 more then the heating donation...  We have started the work on faith, knowing that God will deal with where the extra funds will come from .  

What we love the most about this is that it is a lasting solution.. one that will bring self sufficiency this family, to the shelter, and to the young orphans that will come to live and work here in the future .. 

Now it all makes seance.   

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