Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What have we been up to ?

The last few days we have had the team from Possibilities International here with us.   As an added bonus we have had some incredible friends from another Central Asian country here for a few days of R &R .   This weekend was one of many firsts for them ,,, Golfing, fishing, hot springs, skating , bowling , what a weekend ... here are a few photos taken since Sam and Charles got here .

food and Vitamins to the folks at the dump 

re stocking the TB hospital with more vitamins 

this is a funeral procession in the village.. that same day one of the seniors we have been helping off the streets passed away at the seniors home .. We covered the funeral expenses for them of $150.

Vera was thrilled to show us the official recognition letter we received for the humanitarian work in her village .  Please remember Vera in your prayers.  she is in the hospital right now, she is expecting, and her blood pressure has just spiked , we have covered the medical bills for this .. so far they are up to $200  .. 

new school shoes for the kids at Orlofka orphanage 

Sam agreed to cover the tuition for law school for one of the kids we have been supporting ... he then had some words of encouragement and blessing for her.  

We then visited Luba and her new baby.  We had a donation come in specific for a baby girl.. so the timing was perfect.

Baktagool had a skype visit with her sponsor in Halifax Canada

loading up gifts for the kids at the blind society 

ready to start handing out gifts 

Sam says a few words to get things started 

hay .. the four of us ended up in the same place at the same time 

Charles giving out boxes 

packing gift bags for the ladies 

out bowling with the ladies 

learning to golf 

golf lessons 101... this is in conjunction with a swing for orphans golf tournament taking place later that day back in Canada  

trip to the hot springs and swimming 

the fishing was great ...  we stayed until they had all caught at least one rainbow trout... about 1 1/2 hours 

they were to heavy for the stringer .. check out the fish still on the ground 

they had fish at the restaurant that night as well 

we brought about 45 out for lunch and skating , including the day spring kids 

Dash got a little help from Sam and Emma 

I think some of the others could have used a little help as well
after about 1/2 hour, with a little help Amir made it off the boards, Tilik was a natural ..  

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