Sunday, September 02, 2012

Just when you think you have had enough... FOUND SOME MORE

Over the last week, we have paid the tuition or part of , for 31 kids .. I can not begin to express the gratitude that they would like to convey for the help.    We have been to the bazaar every day bringing all the kids to get what they need.    It would simply not be possible for them top go if it was not for the level of support that we have provided.  We re getting tired, but in a good way.  It has been very hot, and the bazaar is supper crowded  Yesterday , Bekah got a little overwhelmed, and actually fainted.. we think it was more because of the smell coming from the meat stall beside  us .   But she is good now, but just in case, she has stayed inside in the air conditioning for today. 
 today we brought a couple families, Baktagool, our new house guest, and the day spring kids for last minute  shopping, and now am cooking supper for the house guests that we have coming for supper tonight .  

Yesterday we had Sergey and Anya's kids and the kids from Bacute ( Emma's Orphanage ) shopping.  
We love these kids and are blessed to be able to spend time with them.  We have known them for a long time.  Many have known Yuri from the Baby orphanage, and 3 more of them are brothers of one of our Dayspring girls, and the rest we just LOVE... 

 We got a call last night  from the director of the orphanage.  She would like to talk to us.. She has been to talk to the principal at the really good school that we have already 18 kids sponsored at including our DaySpring girls..( This is one of the top schools in the region and will give the kids such an advantage )
  So now the big ask .. she would like to have the four boys I mentioned above go to that school.. the school is Russian, and they are the four kids that she has in Russian school.
I was so excited , everything in me wanted to scream YES... but we are out of school money.. But still I want to jump out in faith and say YES, but again .... I don't have the money to give the school right now.  It's always a hard call , we want to help everyone , and some more then others, but I have learned not to run in front of God.. there seems to be a fine line between steeping out in faith and running ahead of God... 
One day someone who has experienced this dilemma will have to explain it to me.  

  So here is what we have settled on .. this is what seems right in out spirits.    They need $1500 for all four for the year.  IF $750 comes in before we meet with the director tomorrow, we will have our workers go to the school with her to enroll the kids, but until then we will wait  and see.   I don`t think it is that I don`t have faith for it all, but we did not get to where we are with out 2 things,      1. being responsible , and 2.  Involving you, our sponsors.  If you would like to be part of this, please make a donation using one of the buttons on the side of this blog, as well since I do not have instant access to the paypal donation information, please email me as well at .. and let me know .  we will be going to see her at midnight eastern time.  

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