Tuesday, September 11, 2012

developing a plan

tonight we had a dinner meeting with Aigoola and her kids .  there are several young girls that are out of the orphanage , and Aigoola is concerned about them as well.   So nwith company coming, Sam helped whip together one of my famous DEEP dish lasagnas. 

apart from Acel and her girls, everyone around the table tonight was out of the orphanage .

They cam to us with a plan.  The factory were Aiperie works in Bishkek pays their workers on piece... So their idea is that they get the sewing room up and running and buy a couple more machines and they will sew in Tokmok  for the factory were Aiperie works now .. they can live at home as well as provide a job for Jazgool.  even better, they are willing to have Jazgool live there until we have the Jeremiah house open...    

There will be a little bit of start up cash needed, but they have a plan for part of that .  They will sell the cow now before winter .. they can use the cow money, plus they will save the cost of the winters hay..  We will likely have to add a bit to that, but such a small amount compared to the long term benefits of this.  We will need to purchase two more machines plus get a better winter heat in the sewing room we built last year.  .. but today we saw HOPE, and we saw a good solid plan that actually looks like it will work... very exciting  to be a part of a plan , rather then simply being looked at for a solution .. and hay there is another one of the kids all set... Now we are setting an appointment on Thursday morning to meet with the next...

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