Sunday, September 16, 2012

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We started the day yesterday with a three hour drive up into the mountains on the road to Talas.  There we were met by friends that had prepared a feast for us.  This family is a blessing to us, they are always looking for ways that they can show us His favor.  They new that we had a very buisy start to our trip, and wanted to provide for us a relaxing day.  We began with a snack and tea in a beautiful garden of a friends Dalsha  cottage    

after lunch , we all gathered out tushucks  thin mattresses   and went for a little walk into the pear orchard behind the garden.  a spectacular view, and a beautiful day .. great for an afternoon nap.

Bekah started performing for Julie when they wee playing with the camera.. for Bekah's sake I will not post the corresponding video.... yet hahaha

After a nap , we went back down to the guarden where they had prepared supper for us.. Only one other time have I had  pork chops this good , and that was the last time that Murat made them for us .

It was such a wonderful relaxing day ... Now the ride home was another story, poor Jengish driving us .. it was like a game of frogger , except you only get one life... He drove and I was his spotter as we worked our way through the maze of drunks and bad drivers along the top of Bishkek.

We had Jyldyz here last night , and we are still working on getting her set up for this school year .  But things are coming along, and it looks like everything will work out , just a little bit of leg work will be needed to set things up for her.

This morning , Aigoola was over to sign the paper work for her micro loan .  Cash in hand she is now on her way to Bishkek to arrange the delivery for the new sewing tomorrow.

The loan is provided through friends of Possibilities International, and will be a real blessing to Aigoola's family.
what does this loan mean ?

Aiperie will be able to come back from the city and be able to work from home , Aigoola will be able to work from home rather then the job she has now that requires her to be on her feet all day and is very difficult for her.  and thats not all .. Baktagools sister Jasgool will be moving in at Aigoola's house and work with them as well .. this is such a great solution for everyone .

We are now on our way for lunch with a girl that we helped to get a prosthetic arm for as well as a computer for her studies... more photos to follow

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