Saturday, September 29, 2012

Things look grim for the future of Svetly Put

Heartbreak always seems to be hiding around the corner here .. even on a great day when all seems to be going well, the realities of life here in Kyrgyzstan is always just under the surface . 
We had guests with us, and they were interested in Kyrgyz traditional crafts, so we brought them to "Svetly Put" orphanages to see the crafts that the kids were doing there .   

Svetly Put has for me always been a shinning star.  the building is in great shape, but that's not what makes it so great.  

You can not help but feel the love when you walk in.. The kids there are looked after so well.. the workers truly care for them.  There are always volunteers there , both from in Kyrgyzstan and from all over the world.  We have spent time with the kids , and they have always been such a joy.  Although these are some qualities I have seen in many  other orphanages struggling to make a difference in the lives of kids ,this is about the best.     This has always been a place that we could come to and bring teams to to show what is possible 
Hank and Susan giving out granola bars to the youngsters 
a big hit with the kids 

Jengish had a great time as well... too bad non of the kids wanted to play with him 
 Several of the older kids were busy in the sewing room preparing some orders that they had.  There were some incredible examples of artistry for Susan and Hank to see, and it was great for them to watch the process in action. 

the beginning stages of a pair of slippers 

While our guests were busy looking at the crafts, I had a moment to visit with the director.. remember I mentioned about the heartbreak under the surface ?  When I asked the director how she was doing, her eyes welled up and she shared why she is so upset, and why she can't sleep at night ..  she needs to find a new home for over 60 kids that call this place home  She loves them all so dearly, and they are settled in so well, but she has to face the reality.  The main funder of the home had to pull out last January for financial reasons, and now the home is with out the support that it needs to operate .  she will be able to keep the home open until January, but if a new funder is not found, they will have no choice but close.   They are on a striped down budget of $8000 a month right now, but realty for them to be able to be secure into the future,and meet the rising costs , and start paying the staff properly again, they will need to find almost $10 000 a month.  

I know that there are people and organizations out there that this is not a problem.. This is an incredible place for someone to come along and support . some one did for the last 13 years.  But for me when I here this, I am afraid that it is so overwhelming that I seem to go to the same place in my mind as the director..   I know first hand the struggles that we face trying to keep the necessary funds coming in for Dayspring, and that's a whole lot smaller budget, and one  tenth of the size.. I have no idea what the  future holds for this home.. but what I foresee scares me .. and breaks my heart.     

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