Monday, October 01, 2012

getting ready for seniors day

We had a fun morning this morning , but the real fun is yet to come .  Today is seniors day in Kyrgyzstan.  thats a very special day for many that we know here and care about .  For starters we have 30 seniors out at the seniors home , and many more that we love .   People like Larisa's mom and the seniors that live beside our apartments .. We wanted this to be a special day for them, so this morning we were busy shopping at the bazaar and packing gift bags .  

Along with Emma, I also have Jengish and Turat here today to lend a hand.  Each girf bag has an assortment of goodies..  Banana , pomegranate, sausage ( we were going to give them Kabassa but I could not figure out how to spell it )  , butterscotch hard candies , chocolate truffles , sugar cookies and sweet bread roll...

the total package comes to about $5 a person.  But the biggest part of this gift will be who it is from.   In an hour from now the Dayspring girls will be finished school and will be joining us to go see the seniors and give out the gifts .. stay tuned for the photos.  

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