Thursday, September 13, 2012

Meeting the needs

Some of you may remember last Christmas we had a new to us Orphanage that we began to support.    

It was our last night in Kyrgyzstan, and the team was having a last minute souvenir shop.  Jengish and I went across the road to a little coffee shop and met with a friend of ours that wanted to introduce us to Andrea , the director of an orphanage on the far side of IsyKol .   Andrea shared his heart for the kids, as well as his vision for the future.  He said that he had been hearing about and seeing the things that LAMb has been doing here, and wondered how his orphanage could be a part of that .

  As I talked to him he shared many of the needs that you would expect, but then he said that what would be even more important would be the training that LAMb could provide for his staff. He told me how they have in incredible , dedicated staff who love the kids and go above and beyond to help them, but have never been given the tools the need to really make a difference in the kids .. He said that the best way to invest in the kids right now would be to invest in the workers.. he said that he recognizes that this is a hard sell some times , but that would make such a difference to them.

I told him that I see what I could do to get some training for his staff, and that we could start now by including his kids in the Christmas and Vitamin program, but that I had no money left, and would find some somewhere and send it when I got home  it would be $300 .   We left the meeting and returned to the guest house to pack.  as I walked in the door , one of our friends travelling with us  met me with an envelope in their hand.  here they were leaving for the airport in a couple hours , and they still had this envelope that some one had given them for a special need .. you guessed it $300... some times God gives us such clear conformations when we stop for the ones in front of us.

 As soon as we returned in the spring we drove the 6 hours out to see the orphanage and bring them Vitamins,  They are also the orphanage that we helped when the summer camp funding fell through for them, and a few weeks ago we helped with back to school shopping.   But I think that the greatest investment to date that LAMb has made in this group of kids and workers,  took place last week when David and Jayne took the time and traveled to the orphanage and stayed for three days of specific intensive training with the staff.    This is the kind of thing that will make a lasting impact in the lives of these kids and the lives of many more to come.  you can see more about this story over at their blog

David and Jayne training the staff at the KaraKool orphanage 

I love the way the different parts of LAMb compliment each other ... this is one more example

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