Sunday, September 16, 2012

Difficult Decisions

Every day we face some tough choices that we have to make .. like today for instance, we were out for lunch with a family that we had helped, and they made a special dish for us 

specially sculpted sheep innards  
made in the image of a duck 

so the decision ... would we like to eat it now ? or take it home with us to share it with Emma and Bekah

We decided it would not be fair of us to keep this all to ourselves, so we proudly brought it home for supper tonight 

We had a wonderful visit, and are looking forward until the next time we get together...  Maybe next time they can come to our house and I can cook for them.. though it will be hard to top today's meal... if the girls don't come home early enough for supper maybe I will freeze it and bring it back to Canada as a special gift for our new pastor.... if I can get it past Canada Customs .  

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