Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Around the valley

This morning we started with a visit from a good friend .  Mr Hank and his wife from Society of Cornelius are in town.   They have not been with us here since 2008 when they started working with us to be able to provide US Charitable tax receipts.   It is a long and complicated process, but for a year now, LAMb has been recognised in the US , but in the beginning Hank provided an incredible service for us making much of what we do possible.. As we sat with him and shared , I have to admit it was a little emotional.  He and his wife have been here for a week, and have been to many of the projects that we have been involved with .   As we discussed them and the impact that they have had on the lives of the Hurting and the lost, and the overwhelming amount of needs that have been met, its hard not to become emotional.  I think that sometimes it's good to sit and reflect about where we have come...  I think of my days as a surveyor  the best way to keep a strait line is by looking back at where you have come from ... What is behind you helps you to find your way in front of you.   It was an encouraging visit for us all . 

Right after that meeting, Costya came and picked up Jengish and I and we went to get food for the seniors home and one of the orphanages   The seniors home was running short of flour, sugar and tomato paste   and fruit is always good , especially for the orphanages.
  I had in mind apples for the orphanage, but when we got to the fruit section, there was this little old Kyrgyz babushka .  she had just a little more produce then what we needed , but it was an opportunity to bring a little joy into her life.  we bought her out so that she could go home for the day.   

Tanya at the seniors home was happy to see us.   and even more happy to see the food we brought her.   We found out today that next Monday is Seniors day.  so we will put together about 30 little gifts for them, then Costya and Olga and all the Dayspring girls will join us for a little visit.  Costya will even prepare a few songs with the girls so they can sing for the seniors.. I am really looking forward to it.
Delivering food to the Kemin Seniors home 
From Kemin, we made our way back to the mens home in Iskra. It was a quick stop just to show our faces and say hi to the men , and to check out the renovations... the dinning room is incredible.  we just need the floor now, and will begin that as soon as Larisa returns.

   It was good to spend some time with Costya.  we were able to not just cover a lot of ground today, but set some plans for the next few weeks .   Costya and his wife are such a great couple, and there heart for Kyrgyzstan is so evident.  We are so thankful  to have them.

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