Thursday, September 13, 2012

Official Holiday

This morning we had a special guest for a visit.  Now that Baktagool is here with us, many of the other kids have started to come out of the woodwork.  Many of the kids we have been working with over the years are now aging out of the orphanage system, and need our help.  Once again, we are feeling so blessed that we are in a position to help, and with the Jeremiah project started, we have options for them . 

Jyldyz  shown here with Baktagool has finished her second year of teachers collage, and now is starting her third.  She needs a place to stay while she is in school, as well as she has no money for food.  We have given her a few tasks to don ... She can live with an aunt for a little bit until we help her figure out things .  She will find out the availability of a dorm at the University, as well as the cost of that , and a couple meals a day at the cafeteria. At the same time we will see what our connections can find as far as room and board somewhere .     She will come back here for the weekend, and we will sit down and figure out the best approach.    I am not sure how we will be able to help her in the long term, what she needs is a sponsor that is willing to help her for the long haul... In faith , we are looking at trying to get her looked after for about $50 a month, but realistically will be closer to $75.    We will cover this our selves, but for the long haul, she needs someone like you that is prepared to make that investment into her life.. she is an orphanage in every sense of the word.. but she does not need to be alone.  she just needs a little help.
 Later this morning , we went out to the village for a visit.  Last Saturday while we had the girls here, we were scheduled to have a party in the village.  we were really looking forward to it, then in the morning we got a call asking if we could postpone the meal for a few hours because one of the cooks lost their son that day.  he was out playing and fell into one of the irrigation ditches and drowned.
  We told them that we would not be out , but would come later for a little visit.  That day was today.

When the kids knew that Sam was going to be there with us, Today became a holiday, and everyone stayed home from school.  so there were lots of kids .

There was a little tention in the village today .  This is the second child that has drowned here  in the last couple years.  This has brought back to the for front the playground project that we are thinking about.  They would like to put a good fence around the playground when it is built, and in talking with Sergey, we are thinking about maybe a shipping container as well that can be set up as a day care .

The families will take turns looking after the kids , with a scheduled, that will allow everyone to bring their kids there to be safe when the parents are busy.  I have seen many times in the past here and back in the West that when  tragedy  strikes, some how people are able to bring something positive out of it that contribute to the world around them... I think of the loss here of baby  Altynai , and how out of her death, many Kyrgyz kids have found their way out of the orphanages and into loving  forever families.   Maybe one day soon , these kids will have a safe place to play, and a place where they can go and learn , a place that Larisa can pour into these precious children .. lots of possibilities, but for now ... we morn the loss .  

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