Sunday, November 09, 2014

Urgent need

As we travel around with teams to many of the different groups and institutions, we have our eyes open to watch for other important needs, and try to prioritize them in our minds, but some times the needs are glaringly obvious and no prioritizing is necessary .. the needs are glaring ...

    I have been asked by  Larisa ,  the director of the men's home and several of the men themselves.  They have a very urgent need.  The men need shoes desperately.  Several organization have talked about helping with this so we had not worked on raising funds for them this year,  but none of the others have come through for various reasons and now the situation is urgent.
    It is either the overwhelming number of men or the fact they are not seniors or little orphans that they for some reason do not seem to rank that high up there with aid organizations ,  But the men's home is with out a doubt one of the most needy institutions here in Kyrgyzstan .  They are little kids trapped in grown men's bodies.    They are the children timed out of orphanages..people  love, care and support them in the orphanage, then like the system turn their backs on them when they turn 18 years old.

I have found cheep insulated rubber shoes that would be sort of the bare minimum that would carry them through the winter .. they are 250 som each that's $4.30 each   but here is the problem .. we need 270 of them ..that's    $1161  .. and that right there is  where the other organizations leave the playing field and head for a  group of   " more deserving"  or  " more photogenic" orphans .. How 270 men can fall through the cracks once again is beyond me , but they have.  WE NEED HELP WITH THIS RIGHT AWAY .. winter is here and they need more then sandals; it is cold inside too. .. PLEASE make a donation today to help with winter shoes .   It takes about 3 weeks for the funds to arrive so we really need to get busy with this one as soon as possible .

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