Tuesday, November 11, 2014

More coal requested to help those in need

We have found that a great way for us to help families in need is to set up a coal depot in the villages , then we can reach those in need when the situation becomes desperate.  

We have lived this in Canada ,, I know the feeling when the last stick of wood is put in the fire, the cupboard is bare, the car is dead in the drive way ... I also have experienced Gods provision when with out even sharing our situation,  a truck pulls up into out drive way with a back full of firewood, a box of groceries, and a full gas can for the car.... We call this our wilderness training , and that must be why our hearts break for the struggling families here.  That and the fact that I hate the cold makes me feel almost desperate this time of the year. 

Larisa helping to bag coal for delivery to individual families 

We have already delivered 43 tones of coal, warm blankets, food hampers, new and used coats, for which I am so thankful.   Some times I even question myself if I will ever just rest and be satisfied, but then the needs keep coming .. Two more villages we work with have asked for help for coal ..
 Podgorna (city under the mountain ) is the location of an outreach work we poured into last year.  We had two teams work on the center we purchased for them.  We have been sporting monthly with community projects there since then.  They need coal for the center, and to be able to help those around them when the situations are desperate.    This location I had overlooked as it was new and not on my list. 

The second location is in the same village as the seniors home.  I had facilitated coal in the past when a sponsor had send money specifically to support this single mom who has taken in several kids and volunteers at an orphanage there .  She  has a center where people can get help as well, but we have just been told that she has no coal this year , and could we help. 

If we could bring 4 or 5 tones to each of them, that would be such a blessing to those to villages . and the people doing incredible work there to bless others.  The total we would need for this would be $680 U.S. 

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