Monday, November 24, 2014


Twelve is the number of contestants in the pie challenge this year who have lived in the orphanages. 

The pie challenge has touched so many people in so many ways .   There is the joy that comes from being able to give .. there is the special feeling for a child when they are even recognized over the Holidays , they remember this all year.  There  is the fun and excitement when one of our contestants gets their pie in the face .. many done in public bringing joy to so many .. The pie in the face has become an annual event at many Christmas parties  

For me, what may have turned into be the greatest thing about the pie challenge is that for many who have come from the orphanage , and experienced the benefits of this kind of event,  It gives them an opportunity to be a part of blessing those who are left behind.   

I opened up a video this morning from a young friend of ours who was adopted from one of the orphanages here.   I began watching, and when he pulls out a photo of his Christmas party a few years ago, I just lost it.   I have been sitting here trying not to cry all morning, and not doing a very good job at it .  

When I went to my email I found a special letter .. 

 I assume you are John Wright.  A family visited me today when Santa and I were in Pennsylvania, and they had three children from your orphanage.  They were about 6, 7, and 8 years old, I think.  The children’s names were _   (oldest), ____, and _____(youngest). ___ said that she didn’t want Christmas gifts from Santa, that she would like Santa to take gifts to the children in your orphanage.

Please tell me how Santa and I can get gifts to the children in your orphanage.  I looked at your BlogSpot and would very much like to send some love and gifts to your precious children.

Thank you for all that you do.
Christmas Love,
Mrs. Claus

Once again, I know these children well. and I know their heart to want to help those that are still in the orphanages, In fact this little girl has started a group that asks people to give financially for Birthday gifts to make children in the orphanage smile .. you can find her link on the right hand side of the blog ...its marked 


As we have traveled around the US and visited many of the children we have known from the orphanage, many of them still remember us coming to celebrate with them.  One young friend climbed up on my lap at a summer bonfire and said "Tell me some stories of when we were in the orphanage together" then for the next 20 minuted we talked about the Christmas party we had the year before  , and talked about all the costumes and who was dressed as what ..   How great is that .. we can sit and discuss happy memories .

But its not just around the US , several of the Children that we know from the orphanages who are no longer living in the orphanages, and living here in Kyrgyzstan have contacted us .. They also remember the parties as some of their greatest memories, and they too want to do anything that they can to help the tradition continue .. Little Victor whom many of you will know writes "For the expense of the party I do not mind. Let me throw a pie in my face if you collect $ 500  " I am pretty sure he wants to challenge you to give as he is doing, the only way he knows how ... 

WE all have so much to be thankful for . we are blessed beyond belief , lets take a moment right now and make a donation to bring Joy and Good memories to so many with out this Christmas .. 

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