Wednesday, November 12, 2014

To the farm with friends

Today was a busy day at the farm .  Jengish was making rabbit hutches, and a friend of ours came out and is replacing all the electrical wiring and outlets for us .  Even putting in a new panel box and meter box.  As well we picked up a couple long time friends of ours from one of the orphanage.  They  came for a visit t the farm then back to the apartment to make pizza and montie, their two favorites 

bunnies checking out their new nesting boxes . 2 inside and one playing on top 

a beautiful drive to the farm

Even the barn and the outhouse are getting lights and plugs 

Kodushka was happy to see people .. he came right over for a snuggle 

Cinnibun was content as well

not so sure about the goose though 

the chickens got a turn as well 

Borsolk has been under the weather the last few days .. I think he had too much ploff at the birthday party, but today was up and around and happy to see Emma 

No one is too sure of the BIG rabbits , eventually the boys warmed up to them 

Meanwhile the guys kept working .. this is such a blessing to have done for us 

some more view on the way home 

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