Sunday, November 02, 2014

More from the farm

We have a team that will be departing the US in a few hours, and we have so much to do to prepare for them.  They will only be able to be with us for 6 full days , and with so much happening in those 6 days we need to get everything well organized in advanced... Dave asked that we keep them very busy .. any one that has done a trip with us knows that we are sure up to that challenge .  One of the days the team will be putting up a fence for the farm .. then will host a lunch at the farm with the kids from one of the orphanages, then going on to the hot springs since it is only one mountain pass over from the farm. Who knows, maybe even a little fishing as well . 

Since this was the last day before we could go before the team arrives, we want to get everything ready for the fence to go up , I like to have some projects so that the team will finish the project rather then just starting it and moving on .  

so we will have the posts cemented in and the cross braces up when the team gets there, and they will put up the steel sheeting .. if you looking the distance of the photo above you can see a green fence at a neighbors   Ours will be burgundy, We ordered and paid for it yesterday , and will be ready to pick up on the way to the farm Friday.  A good front fence is very important here .. with out it people will graze their animals in your garden, or feel like you have invited them to help themselves to what ever you have in your yard .. the fence is a statement " the stuff behind this fence is not free .. it belongs to someone ! Duh  "    Two days ago the puppy was stolen ,  Jengish tracked down the person who stole it , and had some words ,  an hour later the person returned it .. the funny thing was that HE brought the police with him when he returned it .. he was concerned what Jengish might do to him and felt safer turning himself in hahahah.. I wish I understood Kyrgyz I would have liked to understand what it was Jengish was saying to him in his low, quiet, slow, calculating voice, that would bring this result.  

We took a break from the fence to use up some of the old boards off the porch and make a dog house for Borsolk to welcome him home after his ordeal 


Julie took a few more pictures around the farm..   everyone is doing well .. look at how healthy looking the chickens are.   They are getting friendlier, when they arrived, as soon as we would come into the barn they would leave and go outside, but now they stay, and will even come in from outside and hop up onto their perch to watch what we are doing .  They are adjusting well, so next week we will start hand training them 

The orphanage kids will be at the farm next week , so we want to make sure that all the animals are still friendly and can be held with out any problems, so Bekah gave all the rabbits a turn getting some loving .  and so they aren't freaked out when the kids arrive.  

it turns out Pheobe is not a girl, so now his name is Joey 

Asylbek stopped for a little break. Julie liked his seat 

we saw this on the way home, thought it was cute , just moments before this picture was taken , they were talking on their cell phones 

The first batch of coats are ready , and they are beautiful, Ann and Asylbek where the first ones to get there's.   We will give out more when the team is here . 

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