Thursday, November 13, 2014

Here is what I would love for my Birthday..

I can not begin to express how grateful we are to everyone that has supported the last few weeks getting ready for winter here in Kyrgyzstan. Coal, coats, winter shoes, blankets, food hampers and so much more. The problem is that the needs are just so great here .
Many try to figure out things on their own with out help, but now that winter has hit, they realize that they need help, they can't wait any longer and then they contact us. The needs just keep coming in; here is the latest.

The Red River orphanage is looking for winter boots for the kids; 120 pairs they need.   They do have good running shoes that they can use as in door shoes, but the kids have to walk and play in the compound to get from dorms to class to cafeteria and sometimes they do get to go on outings. They need boots .

I can get good boots here for about $10 each .. Today is my birthday , and  I was just thinking that a pair of boots for me to give to one of our young friends at Red River would be an awesome birthday gift .. now I just need 120 of you to agree and celebrate with me. :) :)

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