Monday, November 24, 2014

Winding up or winding down , at this point we are not sure which !

Today we spent the morning with a few of the very hard working members of the local Government.  

Our focus today was to tour the new shelters that they have set up, and to see how we will be able to help .   We are so impressed with the work that they have done.  They have two shelters set up for this winter .  One is a homeless shelter in the industrial district.  It currently has beds for about a dozen with more on the way .  Along with a warm bed, the shelter has washing facilities and showers, and a small kitchen. The Mayors office has done so much here, it is great to see the care that they are showing for the least of these.  
The women's shelter is located beside  one of the local police stations. It has beds for about a dozen as well.  Here women can bring their small children with them as well.  It too has showers, washing facilities, nice bathrooms and warm beds . 

Both centers are staffed with kind caring workers who will work to help the people living there resolve problems that may be holding them down.   We are so impressed that the city is making the efforts to are for those in need.  

We have seen that one big need that they do have is food for those that are at the shelter.  We feel that there are a couple ways that we can  begin to help.  The first is that our homeless feeding program that Jengish administers will begin bringing a hot meal to the centre once a week through the winter, the girls will help him with this.  The second is that we will be able to bring food from time to time to help out.  The last team that was here blessed us with a garage full of supplies to be able to help those in need, so we were able to act right away, and today we delivered supplies to both centers;  Potatoes, carrots, radishes, onions, cabbages, sugar, rice and pasta.   We would like to find the funds to do this all winter long. As well we noticed that they could use some more mattresses and towels .  something we will work on as funds become available .

Kitchen at the women's shelter

Meeting with our representative of the mayors office, the director of social services here, as well as the supervisor of the women's shelter.

This  little boy lives at the shelter with his mother, and we heard that today was his birthday .. the timing was great, we had just been given money to pack a gift bag for a child.  He was so happy with everything as he unpacked the items one by one and inspected everything . I asked his name, but he sad that he was kind of busy right now and he would answer any questions I might have when he was done hahaha 

Loading up with supplies from the garage 

 We were telling our friend  that works at the mayors Office about the pie challenge, and what do you know .  He has agreed to take a pie in the face if $500 is raised to bless the children in need  that are connected with the mayors office.  This is so cool, Many of these kids Larisa has gathered together previous years, but this year  Marat is stepping forward to take one for the kids .  

Thank you Marat for being such a good sport .   

After a quick lunch we headed out to the farm to say good buy to all our friends there.  Fine feathered and otherwise 

We have had the second batch of babies from the giant rabbits over the weekend.  

The guys were all home working on the house today .   Sasha, Jannybek and Acylbek.  We said good buy for now, and will see them in March , but know that they are in good hands with Emma and Jengish 

Star Buck came out for one last visit before we left.  

Almost as if he knew we were going , he snuggled right in and did not want to go back in his cage.  

Last night we delivered the last 200 pairs winter boots to Larisa for the men's home, and tomorrow the funds arrive to pick up the 120 pairs of boots for the orphanage and 8 more tons of coal for those in need .

Every Day this week we have been winding down and out.  packing our bags, and in our minds packing away our many different projects.  Making sure not to forget anything. 

Tomorrow is our last day here, then we head back to Canada.    We are blessed to have so many that we work with here that we know are so capable of looking after everything in our absence 

Here is a short video of  our last day with the families from the fire. Like so many , they will be on our hearts when we go, but we can go with a solace knowing that they are in for the winter. 

Tomorrow will be a very busy day for us, but there is something that you can do to help.  I will not have the time and internet access for the next couple days to hound everyone about the pie challenge, so I need all of you to spread that word , and donate ... maybe if you are not sure were to start you can start with Marat ! 

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