Thursday, November 06, 2014

Bowling in Bishkek

 Today began as a bit of a tourist day for the team .  We got out early and headed for the bazaar in Bishkek. It was a time to do a little souvenir shopping, but at the same time we where able to buy space heaters for each of the families from the fire, as well as a carpet for the homework club room that Tanya will be looking after . .. After a morning of hard power shopping, we had a nice lunch across from the white house, and then viewed the art in the park.    Later in the day we went to Svetly put orphanage and checked out their craft work before loading them all on the bus and taking them out bowling and out for supper .

there are some beautiful paintings in the gallery 

we had about 1/2 hour to just relax with the kids .. it was nice to have a break 

Bekah is a master at organizing the kids .. I just stand back and watch these days 

these boys were so excited.. they made more hen one trip down the lane on foot 

Once again a great supper at Fiezza restaurant 

Acel and the girls worked hard today as translators for the team 

It was great to have our friend Cristy along with us on this event.  
Tomorrow we are at the farm with the kids from another orphanage .. shhhhh its Jengishes birthday tomorrow and we will have a suprise party for him

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