Tuesday, November 04, 2014

23 tons of coal and 3 tons of winter food supplies

What an incredible day today was .  I some how get myself stressed out over AND OVER AGAIN  about the needs here .. I know that it is not in my hands but for some reason I can not help but get overwhelmed at times .We arrived in Kyrgyzstan this fall needing tuition to support 47 kids , some how we managed to cover them all .. then as soon as that was met , the cold started to roll down the mountains .  I know all to well how desperate that is for the people here . So many can not afford to stay warm .. then there is the garage that we got to store and organize food in for the food packets Bekah delivers..  it was all set up, shelves built and sat empty .. a dream we had that seemed to just sit un realized .. 

Today it all came together .. In the morning we delivered 23 tons of coal, and ordered 10 more tones for next week .  7 homes,  100 emergency coal bags for delivery on an as needed basis by those we work with , and the remainder of the coal for the seniors home....  

We are tired but we are rejuvenated at the same time ..  SOOOO  thankful for all those who pulled together to make this happen .. the icing on the cake was exceedingly and abundantly more then we could have imagined .. we were also able to shop for over 3 tons of food products for the garage.  This is enough for about 200 food packets.. Buy purchasing in bulk and making the smaller packs ourselves, we have been able to see an over 75% savings .. Now as funds come in we can keep the garrage topped up.and add little extras to the bags to personalize them.. Today we were also able to deliver 20 bags to families in need , As we were were packing bags , we got a message from a friend from the government with the name of a family in need.  With in 2 hours, a food package was delivered.  Another confirmation that this is something that we need to be doing at this time .

    We finished the day with a fantastic dinner for the team with friends of ours who wanted to cok for the team and have them for a visit .. the home was so nice and warm .. The team got to feel the warmth that they had shared with so many this day 

they dumped the load and Imanaged to end up on the wrong side of the pile , I told the team that we needed to shovel a path way through .. then once the path way was made , I said .." Its ok I can get out now , thank you"  .. hahaha It was good for them to get there hands dirty . hahaha 

every where we went , people were blessed .. you could just watch and see the relief pour over them.

This is our Coal manager .. he some how was able to pull of all the deliveries today with out a hitch .. he is a master , we got the very best coal for everyone .  all in on budget .
Brian on his way back from the Bazaar in the truck 

Ulan and Brian starting to move the bags of food in 

One of the loads .. carrots , potatoes, and pasta .

more sugar 

Jengishes truck was full as well

getting ready to put bags together 

this food is waiting for us to pull up the boards in the floor to put in the root cellar 

the lady at the stall we bought the beets from gave us this one as a gift ..

WE have a really nice young truck driver that helps us a lot.. He is so eager to help and is always fair.  Today we gave him some hand made dolls for his nieces .

Emma portioning out a bag of rice 

Maria adding potatoes, carrots, beats, and onions to the bags 

as the bags were being packed, the guys put all the extra produce into the fruit cellar 

still lots of room in there 

20 bags , packed and ready for delivery 

next stop was iskra  to hand out bags 

there were several kids at the dump today.  This is a holiday so for there holiday week, they are helping their grandmothers at the dump .. no Disney land for them ..  wouldn't it be cool to bring them on a real holiday some time ,, 

it was nice to see some of our friends from Iskra again 

they all love Larisa so much and she sure loves them 

as the sun was going down on our day it was such a blessing to know that so many have been blessed 
stoped for a visit at Laria's house to drop off food packets and see the coal that will be bagged up to give out to others in need 
great meal with great friends 

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